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Short animation regarding Miro's work.

Postcards to an Event Horizon


Dynamic Bands


Bouncy Effect


Moving Shapes

Particle Poly

Shattered Polygons

On this page is a variety of videos samples, from motion graphics to media art. These videos were created through softwares such as AfterEffects and Premiere. The music videos are available with audio, while the text graphics and media art are without. Enjoy watching.



Motion Graphics

Music Videos

Media Art

Kodama Blog: Song of the Week

One of a series of equalizer videos for Kodama music blog, a sub-network under Impulse Events.

Promotional video for Borgata's first EP release. Created the album art first, and the ring equalizer and particles after specifically for the promo video on After Effects to enhance the Alchemic-Spiritual concept. 

Borgata EP Promo Video
Candyland Cat
Animated Walk Cycle

Cute little 30 second walk cycle of a cat walking through a candyland. Background music by Giraffage - Tell me. 

Clip of a video projection for an conceptual space exploration installation in 2014. The footage was taken from BBC's Wonders of the Universe with Brian Cox, merged to chonological order, and projected onto paintings and sculptures.  

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