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The spirit opened a portal between realms and carried the baby through, into the lower plane.

There, nameless spirits

wander aimlessly in

the fog of lost souls.

A ferryman lingered on the water nearby, waiting to give passage to those who open their eyes to see the moonlight.

They phased through the moon and into the upper level of the realm.

Welcome to the spirit realm. Sadly, I cannot go any further. The rest of your journey is in your hands.

Years passed in the realm. The baby, now grown, played in a river called home.

Its water rich with minerals from some faraway source.

The child explores,

attracted to foul-smelling bloom like

flies to rotting carrion.

The taste of copper glazed the

child's mouth.

Farther down, the river seperated into streams, sectioned by long black hair. 

It was same hair passed down to the once abandoned child.

My dear sweet child, I have long awaited for your return.

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